PS5 Pro might release in 2024, according to rumors

Sony may launch a mid-gen PS5 Pro or Slim in the 2024 release window. Get ready for upgraded features and performance.

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Rumors suggest PS5 Pro may launch in 2024, as per new reports. Stay tuned for potential updates on this highly anticipated console upgrade.

Insider Gaming’s recent report hints at a potential holiday 2024 launch for PS5 Pro, following Project Q Lite, a rumored hardware with remote play for PS5. While Sony has not made any official announcement, speculation suggests a more powerful mid-gen refresh, similar to its predecessor.

Is there a PS5 Pro?

While it’s early to confirm the existence of the PS5 Pro, anticipation is high for a potential mid-2024 announcement from Sony, similar to the strategy used for PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. To answer the question, not yet.

Is the PS5 Pro Releasing in 2024?

Reports state that we should anticipate a mid-2024 launch for Sony’s PS5 Pro, potentially accompanied by PS5 Slim, which could mirror the mid-gen refresh strategy seen with PS4 in 2013.

It’s always best to take any rumor with a grain of salt, regardless if the source comes from a reputable leaker or insider until an official announcement is made.

Regardless, a PS5 Pro will undoubtedly happen as mid-generation upgrades and re-releases have been a common direction in the gaming industry especially when raw power is needed for new television resolutions.

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