PS5 Screenshots Shareable in the PlayStation App Currently in Beta Testing by Sony

It's currently being beta tested.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is currently beta testing for a limited time a feature where PS5 screenshots can be shared via the PlayStation App.

The limited beta test for this new feature on the PlayStation App is currently available on select regions, two of them, Japan and Canada. It will enable them to auto-upload PS5 game captures and screenshots to the cloud. Afterwards, they can just share the screenshots via the app, save them on their mobile devices, or upload them on the social media accounts to be shared to everyone.

Canadians and Japanese PlayStation players can now download the latest version of the PlayStation App to try it out. There is no beta registration or PS Plus membership needed to participate in this beta test. SIE did say that at any time, the beta test will end without any notification.

If you are one of those lucky enough who can try this out, you can auto-upload the screenshots and game captures by just linking their PS5 to the PlayStation App. The console must also stay in rest mode with the Stay Connected to the Internet setting turned on. No method yet on manually uploading the screenshots or videos, so it will all be auto-uploaded.

The screenshots and videos that got auto-uploaded will be available on the app for 14 days only after it got created. The videos can be under 3 minutes and the resolution is up to 1920 x 1080. The screenshots must be taken from the Create Menu or the Create button shortcuts.

You can download the PlayStation App on the iOS and Android storefronts.