PS5 Slim Leaked Image Spotted Online (Update)

The measurements match the one reported earlier this year.

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Update: A new “video” of said PS5 Slilm has been posted online. It looks like the case of the supposed console, but it looks fake. Still, it could be real too, so better to know.

Original article below:

A new leaked image of the supposed-to-be PS5 Slim has been spotted online.

Rumored PS5 Slim and Advantages

There have been rumors about a new PS5 model lately: PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro. The PS5 Pro would be the improved version of the original PS5 model with a higher graphics card unit and other specs, if it were true, while the PS5 Slim would also be the same as the PS4 Slim in the past: it has slightly lower specs, but it generates lower heat and requires lower electricity, which would make it cheaper for fans.

Today, it is claimed that there is a new leaked image of that said PS5 Slim, but it does not really look like a slim version of the PS5.

Leaked PS5 Slim Image?

The image was uploaded recently to the Chinse forum A9VG and it claims that this is the new PS5 Slim model. It still looks similar to the original PS5 model, but with slight differences like the black middle part is curved inward for some reason. Also, there are black slits at the lower middle part of the PS5 cover.

Insider Gaming journalist Tom Henderson recently shared the same measurements on the media outlet earlier this year, but it does not mean this new leak is true. For one, Sony Interactive Entertainment has not made any announcements to confirm or deny these leaks or officially reveal the new models so we will have to wait.

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