PS5 Slim Rumored to Ship Q3 2023

It will completely change the PS5 design!

A new rumor has revealed that a PS5 Slim console will be released sometime next year.

This information has recently been circulating online, which comes website “The Leak”. It says that this new upcoming version will have a different design with a significant change to its exterior. According to the source of the website, this new version will have a new slim look and uses a die-shrink treatment that reduces the size of the console. This has made Sony Interactive Entertainment create a new design that will use less voltage and runs cooler. It now weighs less with this new design.

Aside from the new design, SIE is also working on making this new console not use a stand when it lies down. This could change things as the flaps are not needed anymore and could be removed.

The website also says the main focus of the “PS5 Slim” is to reduce its size and weight. In turn, it will bring down shipping and production costs, which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Lastly, it is said that the production will start in Q2 2023 and a retail release will be in Q3 2023.

No official statements yet from SIE.