PS5 System Update Finally Fixes Discord Voice Chat Issue

It's finally fixed.

PS5 system update version 23.01-07.01.00 is now live on PS5 consoles and ready to download.

In the previous update, it officially introduced the new Discord voice chat. It was a very welcome feature and one of the most anticipated of them all, but it came with an issue. Many reported that the Discord voice chat would disconnect all of a sudden and it was frequently happening. Do not worry because the latest update finally fixes that.

According to the official PlayStation support website, the new PS5 update has fixed the issue that caused the Discord voice chat to disconnect. That is the only line that the patch notes for the new update said. No other notes were shared, but there should be some minor fixes that came along with it.

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This should be a minor update only and possibly only has a small download size. Download it now to finally get rid of that Discord voice chat problem.

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