PS5 Tip: Turn Off Automatic Trophy Recording to Save Space

PlayStation 5 and accessories

The next-gen console PlayStation 5 just launched recently and it comes with a lot of anticipated features that many fans have been waiting for so long. It also has some caveats and one of those is its hard drive space.

The PS5 hard drive space is not that much and players will be forced to choose titles that they are going to play to save free space. There are actually other ways to do that and one of those is to change a setting related to trophies.

The next-gen PlayStation console has this automatic trophy recording, which lets the unit record videos of all trophies gained by the player. It records the last 15 seconds of gameplay with a screenshot and that takes a lot of space. If the title has a lot of trophies, that would definitely eat up a lot of free space in the long run.

In order to avoid that, players must go to Settings, then find the Captures and Broadcasts option. From there, they can find three more options, which are Captures, Broadcasts, and Trophies. Choose Trophies and three more options pop up, which are Save Trophy Videos, Save Trophy Screenshots, and Trophy Video Duration. Disable Save Trophy Videos to finally turn off automatic video recording, but if they want to disable the other options, then they can do so as well.

If players want to still want to use the automatic video recording, they can change the duration of the video from 15 seconds to an hour. Maybe they want to use those videos for game content or just for safe keeping.

Hope that helps save up space as much as possible.