PSVR is a Strategic Opportunity for PlayStation According to SIE CEO

In a recent interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, he shares what he thinks of the next-generation of PSVR system.

In his interview with Japanese publication Nikkei, Ryan thinks that the VR system’s potential is quite large right now.

Here’s a translation of the interview:

The next generation VR system is a very strategic opportunity for PS. We launched PSVR in 2016 and have had time to understand the VR experience for years. What I learned from VR is that the potential market is huge. I want to continue to provide a high gaming experience to keep the community entertained.

SIE has found out that the VR system has become profitable on their end and with the new version of the PS VR possibly launching next year, the potential will be bigger than ever. The features it promises like lesser cables and better management, improved resolution, a dedicated controller, and more would definitely make it more enticing for the gaming community. If the games could deliver great quality content, then all the better.

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Source: Nikkei translated by Upload