PT Can Be Transferred to PlayStation 5

Hideo Kojima’s very popular horror demo PT can be transferred to the next-gen console PlayStation 5.

This is only possible with the capability of the PS5’s backward compatibility feature. This means that the popular and very rare game demo can be transferred safely to the next-gen PlayStation console and will not get stuck inside a PS4. This was confirmed by Eurogamer just recently.

Some might say that this is an old game, specifically a demo, and should not be given such an importance, but this is one of the last few masterpieces made by Kojima while staying at Konami. This was also his first try at horror gameplay, which impressed a lot of fans and players alike. It would be best that it would be preserved in some way since it was difficult to do with the PS4.

Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed the list of unplayable games on the PS5 just recently and PT was not among them. This only confirmed that the game demo can be transferred safely and will be playable.