Ratatan Raises Over 10 Times Kickstarter Funding Goal

Stretch goals were easily completed with this amazing funding!

Developers of the upcoming Patapon spiritual successor Ratatan have announced that the game has now raised multiple times the original Kickstarter funding goal.

On the official Kickstarter campaign website, Ratata Arts announced that Ratatan has now hit its 20-million-yen funding goal within an hour of its launch, but it also went to raise over 10 times that initial goal. Almost 15,000 backers have pledged over $1.5 million after the campaign ended, which has now resulted in the project hitting a lot of other stretch goals quite easily.

The stretch goals of developing a console version and collaboration with David Wise, the former Rare composer who made the music for Donkey Kong Country have now been completed.

“Rarely can you directly affect the fates of the creators you care about but this group has done that,” stated Ratata on the webpage. “You have empowered us and given us a great opportunity. We will do our best to make this a project you are proud to have participated in.”

“We are actually quite far along in the production cycle and feel very confident in getting everything into the game by April 2025!”

There is a PC beta being planned and will most likely take place in the latter half of next year. The console tests are still being considered, but not confirmed for now.

Ratatan will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch

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