Reasons That Could Ruin The God Of War Experience

God of War Kratos contemplating

Now before anybody rips me a new one for writing this, I’m not saying that the new God of War is going to be bad; the only thing I’m doing is stating the possible reasons that could ruin the experience, nothing more.

Just about every God of War game feels like a masterpiece, with each title going beyond player expectations. Now that we’re closing in on the next entry of the franchise, I can’t help but think about the problems that could heavily affect the game’s quality.It’s best to think about the possible issues so that you can prepare for them; even better if you see that these issues are non-existent or are just a minor inconvenience, ultimately giving us an even better gaming experience than what we initially expected.

The one major reason that could potentially ruin the upcoming game comes in the form of Kratos’s son, Atreus. While some can argue that he’ll be a great asset for combat, there’s also the possibility that he’ll just end up becoming a big nuisance instead.

There may be instances where Kratos will feel as if he’s tethered to his son throughout sections of the game; making you feel limited in the actions you take and destroying that sense of freedom in combat.

Let’s say that you’re fighting a couple of baddies and you’re really getting into it. Then you hear your son screaming for help as he’s about to be killed by said baddies, forcing you to break away from whatever it is you’re doing just so you can save him. Now that can just feel frustrating as it breaks you out of the immersion!

We’re not entirely sure if Atreus getting killed or taken out of action might force you to restart certain segments, but the thought is just infuriating.

Yes, the gameplay videos show that he’ll be useful for providing cover and openings for attacking enemies, but this will also depend on how Atreus’s A.I is programmed. People who have tasted a preview of the game states that he feels like an actual partner and isn’t a hindrance at all, but that’s only for the first few minutes of what they’ve played. There are levels and environments that we have yet to see and those will be the true test to determine whether Kratos’s son handles well on his own or when controlled by the player. If his presence and movements are similar or even better than that of Elizabeth’s in Bioshock Infinite? Then that would be something truly spectacular.

God of War Atreus hunting

Another thing that worries players is the possibility of the bait and switch. Some speculate that Kratos would be stripped of all his power considering that he’s starting fresh in a new realm, but that’s not the only thing that can happen. While it has already been confirmed that Atreus will be playable for certain parts of the game, but who’s to say that he won’t just take over?

I’m saying that at some point, there’s a chance that the plot might force you into a twist where you play as Kratos’s son until the very end of the playthrough. Some might like this, others may not, it all depends on how the dev teams want to play out this probability.

So there you have it, reasons that could possibly ruin the God of War experience. Again, I’m not saying that the game is going to be bad as I’m also looking forward to the next installment in the God of War franchise. Though I point out the possible flaws, I hope I’m wrong as I’m itching to get my hands on the game as soon as it’s released.