Rebel Inc: Escalation Now Updated With New Campaign Mode

Rebel Inc

Game developer Ndemic Creations has announced that the Campaign Update for video game Rebel Inc: Escalation is now available.

Rebel Inc: Escalation now updated

The new update features a new game mode that has changed how the game is played. The campaign mode will allow players to make large-scale operations across multiple regions in order to bring peace to an entire country. They will have to create unique tactics and manage resources in order to win with all new map features and different strategic challenges.

Check out the features below:

Embark on a grand campaign: Deploy your operation across five regions with unique and procedurally generated characteristics. Hyperinflation, a vulnerable foreign embassy, huge numbers of national soldiers or even an urban warzone – the combinations are endless.

Face an ever adapting Insurgency: As the campaign goes on, the Insurgents will learn devastating new tactics to challenge you. Sleeper cells, ambushes or even swimming lessons (!) will radically change how they fight.

Develop powerful new tactics: Each region that you stabilise dramatically expands your abilities and resources. Sniper support, advance development experts, indestructible garrisons, or even removing all corruption in the region open up all kinds of strategic opportunities.

Stay alert and change your strategy: Choose wisely and plan ahead.
New wildcard features mean governors and advisors get exhausted, caves can be found in any region and even Azure Dam without the dam! You’ll need to think on your feet.

Experience a persistent narrative: Engage with new dynamic events and difficult multi-region decisions which have lasting consequences throughout the campaign. Coups, outbreaks, economic downturn and even popular television shows are disasters waiting to happen in these system driven events.

The game update also introduces tons of bug fixes and quality of life changes. It is now available on PC via Steam.

Source: Press Release