Red Dead Online New Halloween Pass Revealed

Game studio Rockstar Games has recently announced the newest Halloween event for popular online multiplayer Red Dead Online featuring the Halloween Pass.

This week in the game, players will be able to hunt down two new legendary animals, pick up the all-new Halloween Pass, taken on the new Dead of the Night Mode, and more.

Players will be prowling in local swamps to hunt for the elusive Nightwalker Panther and also the albino Ghost Panther. These are the two new legendary animals to hunt. They can bring the Nightwalker and Ghost Pelts to Gus’ Trapper Store to sell them for a lot of in-game cash. They can also unlock the Garment Sets for purchase.

The Halloween Pass is a purchasable limited time upgrade that can offer Rewards across 20 ranks. Players can get the exclusive special themed clothing items, full weapon variations, grim Photo Studio Backgrounds, Gothic renovation for the Moonshine Bar, filters for the Advanced Camera, and more.

This new pass rewards will upgrade the current Pass Rank unlock instantly once it is purchased. Everything players unlock while the pass is active starting today until November 16 will persist after it expires.

Getting the pass this week will give players a Reward for free weapon component of their own liking. They can encounter Madam Nazar this week and will notice that all of the Halloween Masks are back, but will be for a limited time only. Get one and they can get 10 Poison Throwing Knives and a Reward for a free Ability Card of their choice. Those who have undertaken a Role can get a Reward for 2,000 Club XP and an offer for 50 percent off a weapon from the Fence.

Dead of Night is a new game mode that pits four teams in a survival fight against each other and The Dead. Points will be given to those who can take out The Dead with higher point tally for killing the rival players.

Find and steal a Night Stalker mask to take on supernatural abilities and the competitive edge. Complete a Round of Dead of Night anytime over the next seven days to earn triple the usual payout and a care package consisting of 3 Tomohawks, 10 Volatile Fire bottles, and 25 Incendiary Buckshot Slugs.

Harvest Harrietum Officinalis and purchase the Opossum Vitalism Studies Pamphlet to complete a transformational journey of a wholly different stripe. Plus, explore this week with free Fast Travel through October 26.

There’s also a range of discounts on offer in the stores and shops across the territories, including:

  • 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector and Naturalist Roles
  • 10 Gold Bars off the Moonshiner Role
  • Free relocation of your Moonshine Shack
  • 40% off all Role Items
  • 40% off all Wilderness Outfitters content
  • 30% off all Melee Weapons

Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will receive Rewards good for:

  • 5 Free Legendary Animal Pheromones
  • 6,000 Naturalist XP
  • A free Wilderness Camp
  • A Free Katata Coat crafted from the Legendary Katata Elk hide.

In addition, players who connect to Prime Gaming before November 16th will receive a Reward for a free Single Bandolier, plus Offers for 50% off a Double Bandolier, 50% off the Deluxe Campfire, and 30% off the Improved Bow.

Red Dead Online is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Official Website