Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 Remaster Plans Rumored Cancelled

There were plans a few years back, a new source claims.

Rumors are saying the plans for Red Dead Redemption Remaster and Grand Theft Auto 4 remasters were suddenly cancelled.

Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 Remaster Plans

There were claims and rumors spotted online about several Rockstar Games projects in the works like the rumored Bully 2 project, which ended up getting cancelled, remasters of old classics, and more. There was one official announcement from the game company though, which was Grand Theft Auto 6, but that is still a long way away from getting some gameplay revealed. Now there are reports saying that two classic titles were planned to have remastered versions of them in the near future, but it seems Rockstar Games has other plans.


According to Twitter user Tez2, a known name in the Rockstar Games community, he says that GTA 4 and RDR1 remasters were on the table a few years ago. This meant the studio was likely to make plans for the remasters at one time, but it seems the game company ultimately chose to drop the projects.

GTA Trilogy Bad Reception

Tez2 revealed that the reason for the cancellation of the remasters is due to poor feedback of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. It did have some bad aspects to its remaster of the three titles, which meant that the planned remasters for the next two would have the same quality perhaps if the reception was good.

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For the Better?

This is quite the bad news for fans of both titles as these two were great classics in their own respective eras, especially with Red Dead Redemption. Maybe it is also a good thing that the remasters got cancelled if the quality was going to be the same as the Trilogy DE. It would have made it even worse.