Redfall Follows Predecessors with Slow Pace

Here's what you can expect with the story.

Arkane Austin’s Producer Harvey Smith shares in an interview with PCGamesN their approach for upcoming video game’s Redfall story pace.

It is well known that Arkane Studios loves its slow, methodical storytelling and it shows with its popular titles like Dishonored. This will spill out with its upcoming new vampire FPS game Redfall.

Smith compares their games with the one he played recently, which was Forza Horizon 5 where the story only lasted 3 minutes long. When he compared it with Dishonored, this game started so low that it all starts in prison and everything else in the scene which is longer than 3 minutes. It takes way too long.

Still, there are people out there who like their stories to start slow as they “want a rich narrative that they have to infer.” “We tend to attract the thoughtful, introspective, player-paced exploration,” says Smith. There is an in-depth story in this game, but it is not put it in their faces all the time.

So for players who might be looking for a story and want it in quick bursts, this might not be the game for you.

Redfall launches on May 2, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.