Redfall Limited Edition Controller Designs Officially Revealed

New designs for Xbox Design Lab only available for a limited time!

Microsoft has recently revealed the new Redfall Limited Edition controllers designed by Xbox Design Lab.

The Redfall Limited Edition Designs are the new additions to the Xbox Design Lab and are inspired by the game’s characters. Interested buyers can choose from one of five inspired designs, each with its own curated color scheme to match.

The controllers are inspired by the four playable heroes: Layla Ellison, Remi De La Rosa, Devinder Crousley, and Jacob Boyer. The fifth design is called Bite Back, which is a vampire-inspired look complete with red fangs and side caps highlighting the town of Redfall before and after the vampire invasion.

Each Redfall controller offers a specific set of customizable colors that buyers can choose from. They can customize the D-Pad, controller buttons, bumpers, triggers, and back case. They can also add other features like engravings at the bottom of the top case, opting for metallic triggers, or adding rubberized side and back grips for added support.

Better get one right now because these designs are available for a limited time only.