Stellar Shift Series Now Available via Xbox Design Lab

Also adds Xbox Design Lab exclusive the Cosmic Shift!

Microsoft has recently announced that the Stellar Shift Series Controllers are now available via Xbox Design Lab.

A few years ago in 2021, Microsoft introduced the Shift Special Edition Controller series with the Aqua Shift then later the Lunar and the Stellar Shift controllers. Due to the Xbox community’s response to each controller when they were released, Microsoft finally introduced the series on Xbox Design Lab.

The Stellar Shift series that will be added are the Aqua, Lunar, and Stellar designs. Microsoft also introduces a new design to the Shift series, the Cosmic Shift, which now adds up to four designs for the lineup. These color-shifting top cases will change color with light and motion. Aqua Shift has the blue shimmer, the Lunar Shift has silver-gold shimmer, blue-purple shimmer for Stellar Shift, and white-pink shimmer for Cosmic Shift.

The brand-new Cosmic Shift is only available via the Xbox Design Lab. Customers will be able to personalize their D-Pad, buttons, bumpers, triggers, and back case, tailored to their style. They can also add extras like personalized engraving, metallic triggers, or rubberized side and back grips.