Redfall Studio Arkane Austin Not Getting Shut Down by Microsoft

Game gets major patch and the studio is still going to work on the game.

Devinder (The Cryptid Hunter) - Redfall Characters

Microsoft has recently stated that it has no plans to close Redfall developer Arkane Austin after its failure.

After Redfall launched, the game quickly bombed on various review and critic sites, and fans were hugely disappointed in its gameplay, bugs, issues, and many more. Actually, this game would be sitting as one of the worst games launched this year, and might even patches might not save it. Even Xbox boss Phil Spencer apologized publicly for the bad performance of Redfall. Still, it seems Microsoft is not going to punish the studio for this failure.

Arkane Austin Stays Safe

Xbox Game Studios Chief Matt Booty spoke to Axios to talk about Redfall and its developer Arkane Austin. The interviewer asked if the studio will still remain open after the disappointing launch.

“That is the plan right now,” he responded. “They are hard at work on updates and continued content for Redfall.”

Xbox Game Pass Did Not Help

Booty also claimed the Redfall was getting “good play” in Xbox Game Pass, but that did not help unfortunately. “It was a miss, but how much of a miss? I want to support them to be able to keep working to deliver the game they had in mind.”

The Xbox Game Studios chief also expressed that he felt accountable for Arkane Austin’s failure. “… we could have done a better job with Arkane,” Booty said.

Spencer told Kinda Funny Games that Microsoft did not do a good job early in engaging Arkane Austin to really help them understand what it meant to be part of Xbox and part of first-party. He confessed that they left them to work on the game and did not lend a hand to them when they need it the most.

Redfall Gets First Patch

Redfall recently got its first major patch earlier this week which delivered “incremental improvements to gameplay, combat, AI, environment, stability, multiplayer, accessibility, UI, and various bug fixes.

“We’re grateful to see that millions of you have explored the quaint but dangerous open world of Redfall,” the studio said. “We recognize that we still have work to do, and we plan to address as much as we can, as quickly as we can.”

Redfall is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.