Redfall: Underboss Skull Altar Locations

Looking for the Redfall Underboss Skull Altar locations can be confusing, as it’s never directly stated where to find them. These skulls and altars can be the keys to unlocking important areas and summoning the vampire gods that have been terrorizing the town. As such, this guide will teach you where and how to find the locations for the Underboss Skull Altars, so read on.

Where to find Underboss Skull Altars in Redfall?

Underboss Skull Altars will automatically be found once you’ve reached a certain part of the story in Redfall. Go to the Mission Briefing Room on the second floor of the Fire Station and get the mission that requires you to fight one of the vampire gods, which reveals where the Underboss Skull Altars are.

To unlock these altars and fight the boss, you would need to collect Underboss Skulls, which can only be looted from Underbosses you’ve defeated in Redfall. The Vampire God lairs will require at least three Underboss skulls to open. However, the optional altars will only require one.

Going through the Vampire God lairs is required to progress the story and reach the ending. However, the optional altars reward you with cosmetic clothing if you choose to spend the Underboss skulls you’ve collected on them.

How to find Underboss Skulls in Redfall?

How to Get Underboss Skulls in Redfall?

Underboss Skulls can only be found after you’ve completed side missions from each of the Redfall’s safehouses. Only after you finish all the missions for a specific safe house in an area will the Underboss’s location appear for you.

You’ll have to travel around the town of Redfall and unlock safe houses first. After unlocking a safe house, interact with the map at the end of the room, and you’ll be able to select a side mission to complete. After finishing all of them, an Underboss lair will appear on your map, where you can go to get the skull you’re looking for.

If you want that Underboss Skull, you’ll have to fight for it. Defeating an underboss is no easy task, as they’re tough enemies. Only after beating them can you loot their skulls along with the ashes they’ve left behind.

That’s where to find the Underboss Skulls and altars in Redfall. We hope this guide was informative. Also, feel free to check out more of our Redfall articles here.