Redfall Vampires Are Different Than Regular Versions

Vampires are either born from a lab or on the streets.

Arkane shares some interesting new details about their upcoming video game Redfall.

Studio Director Harvey Smith recently spoke with gaming magazine Edge (Edge May 2023) to talk about the various differences between their vampires and the common ones, and many other details about their upcoming new game.

Redfall vampires are quite similar to the classic bloodsucker that everyone knows already: sucks blood for nourishment, can fly, can transform, can turn into bats, hates sunlight, and more. It has one vital difference though, which makes their version not the same in the supernatural version. “Our vampires are psychically derived, not supernatural,” Smith explains.

There is actually a backstory about the vampires in the game. He explained that these blood suckers are a result of scientific experiments by Aevum Therapeutics, a medtech startup. This group’s goal is to extend human life for a select few, using the blood of the many. They are the ones behind this awful massacre.

Rather than a being born out of supernatural elements, the vampires are actually artificially created.


Redfall launches on May 2, 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S.