RELAYER Combat System Revealed

Know the Combat system of RELAYER

The combat system for RELAYER has recently been explained in the latest magazine news of FAMITSU. According to the magazine, the combat system of RELAYER is turn-based combat and is developed based on the battle map displayed in the quarter view. The flow is that enemies and allies move in the order of quickness, and one turn ends when all the characters have acted.


About 200 types of weapons that can be equipped with Stella Gear will appear. There are six types: one-handed sword and machine gun that can be equipped with all mechanical types. Two-handed sword for assault, shield for tank, rifle for snipe, and bit for scout. Weapons besides shields have a range, which affects the “counterattack” system in addition to the attackable range. In battle, there is a rule that “whenever you attack an enemy with the same range, you will be counterattacked”, so it is important to aim at enemies with different ranges or change weapons to prevent counterattack.


Attacks can be classified into “physical attributes” and “gravity attributes”. The former is the difference between the attacker’s physical attack power (ATK) and the defender’s physical defense power (DEF), and the latter is the attacker’s gravity attack power (G-ATK) and the defender’s gravity defense power (G-DEF). The difference in each affects the damage done. Whether the physical or gravity attribute attack is activated at the time of attack depends on the weapon equipped by the unit. It is a mechanism that automatically prioritizes and activates attributes with high attack power.


Each character can acquire can be classified into “active skills” and “passive skills”. The former can be activated by consuming the SP that accumulates as the turn progresses during battle. There are various effects for each type such as attack, recovery, and buff, and there are also job and character specific ones. Skills for beginner jobs can be used for any job, but skills learned for intermediate or higher jobs can only be used for the relevant job.

The latter is a skill that is always activated during battle, and you can equip up to four. It can be set from the unit information on the battle preparation screen, and by equipping it, you can extend the strengths of the character and make up for the weaknesses. Unlike active skills, you can choose from all the skills you have learned so far, so you can enjoy thinking about combinations according to your type and job.


In battle, you can also create type-specific “special attacks”. Assaults and tanks can use “back stubs” and are activated when placed so that two friendly units equipped with melee weapons sandwich the enemy. Since allies will chase after the attack of the operating aircraft, the damage done will increase more than usual.

Snipe and Scout will be activated with a certain probability if the hate, a measure of how threatening an enemy’s unit is, is high at the time of attack, and you can defeat the enemy with a single blow regardless of the remaining HP. It does not activate against some enemies such as bosses, but it is a very powerful means of attack.

Also pay attention to the special move “Big Bang” of Stella Gear that can be released by type. The Big Bang can be activated when a certain amount of dedicated gauge is accumulated, and the effect is very powerful. There are not only attacks but also those that have recovery and support effects. Don’t miss the flashy production that is inserted at the time of activation!

Hate” system is a measure of how threatening an enemy’s unit is. The higher this number, the easier it is for the enemy to target you. Since hate tends to increase due to actions such as attack and recovery, it is important to have a tactic such as a tank with high defense power increasing hate with active skills and protecting the attacking and recovery units.

With the combat completely explained and more info about the weapons and features that will be seen in the game, gamers will be more challenged than ever to see how difficult and fun it is to explore the world of RELAYER. For more info, click here, here, here, here and here.