Remedy’s Two Unannounced Games Will Have a Shared Universe

Game studio Remedy has recently teased some tidbits of information about their two mysterious games.

These two unannounced games are being funded by Epic Games. There are no specific details yet, but CEO Tero Virtala has confirmed that these will have a shared universe. He also shared that one of the two is a full AAA experience, while the other is a smaller project.

“When we were focused on just creating one single story, I don’t think we were utilizing enough of all the hard work we did on creating the background for these worlds,” he says. “With Control, we took the first step in giving players more reasons to spend more time in the world, explore them and that’s been successful.

“With the project we’re doing with Epic, it’s in a world we want players to spend more time in. There’s more opportunities to explore the world and the brand than in one single game.”

Having shared universes makes gamers go back and explore those two games and check which parts of them have references with each other. It gives them a reason to revisit areas, replay scenes, and more. With that, the replayability value of these games will increase.

No details yet on when these two games will be released or announced for the first time.

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