Remnant 2 Developers Still Working on Fix for PS5 Friend Invite Problem

They have identified the issue but fix is still in the works.

Gunfire Games has recently shared a statement on what they are currently doing for the Remnant 2 PS5 friend invite issue.

Remnant 2 PS5 Friend Invite Issue

The recently released video game Remnant 2 allows players to invite friends from within the Friends list menu under the Systems tab to let them join their adventures. For some reason, there is an issue with the invitation. Players were not able to see the System tab screen from the PS5 version of the game, which restricts them from inviting other players.

Devs Still Working On Issue

Today, a new Twitter post on the game’s official account revealed that Gunfire has now identified the issue and they are planning to release a fix for it soon. The first step in doing this is to add the friend’s list that players could not interact with. They are now working on making it available for players to invite their friends from that list.

Remnant 2 has been well-received by fans when it launched recently. Reviews on its Steam page right now reveal that all of them are Very Positive. Only a few users have reviewed it with negative scores. It is one of the highly recommended titles lately.

Remnant 2 is now available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.