Remnant 2 Devs Promises Improvements in Performance

Gunfire Games thankful for the positive response from gaming community.

Remnant 2 Hunter archetype cover image

Developers of Remnant 2 have recently released a statement in regard to the improvements coming to the game after its big successful launch.

Remnant 2 Gaining Popularity on All Fronts

Remnant 2 was recently released across all platforms and has gotten quite the welcome from the gaming community. It is now the second best-selling game on Steam right now. It enjoyed a significant launch on the platform with close the double the amount of concurrent players compared to the original game Remnant: From the Ashes had at launch. Remnant 2 is now the 12th most-played game on Steam with 53,848 concurrent players and a peak number of 82,872.

Devs Humbled and Grateful for Positive Response

Developer Gunfire Games has recently posted on the game’s official website that they are humbled and grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response from the community. It has also acknowledged a small portion of players have encountered some bugs.

“We know that encountering bugs and glitches can be frustrating and can hinder your excitement for the game,” development director Ben Gabbard said on the post. “We take these issues incredibly seriously, and our team is working to identify and address these issues as quickly as possible.

“Since we’ve launched, we’ve already addressed some early issues that have popped up such as progression blockers in the Labyrinth and Nightweaver’s Web and issues with the Waterharp Puzzle. We will continue to work to deliver fixes for remaining issues over the coming days and weeks.”

Issues Being Fixed

Gunfire Games is now looking into these issues to improve the game:

  • Improving overall performance 
  • Addressing crashes and issues with higher end systems 
  • Addressing issues with the trait system 
  • Other Progression blockers and missing items
  • And other fixes

Remnant 2 is now available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.