Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Secrets and how to get TMP submachine gun

Secrets and details that can be found in the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo

Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Secret TMP

Despite being just a demo, Resident Evil 4 Remake is already hiding a lot of secrets that players can find or stumble upon just by playing it. Some of these are just things that are out of sight, while some requires specific steps to be done first in order to discover or unlock them.

We will be sharing some of the secrets that can be found in the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo, so read ahead to learn how to discover them in the game.

Secret Mad Chainsaw Mode

The secret Mad Chainsaw mode is a mode that players can play where the challenge level is raised to the extreme. All the enemies hit hard and they can take a lot of hits before going down, not to mention that their placements in the stage are different compared to the normal mode and there’s no saving mid-game, so all progress will be reset once you die. Players used to rely on chance to be able to play this mode, but there are actually cheat codes that players can input on the main menu to be able to access the mode without relying on RNG.

TMP submachine gun

There is a hidden TMP submachine gun that can be picked up in the game. To access it, you must discard all of your items and weapons from your inventory just before entering the village. You then have to make your way to the barn on the right side of the village where you will find an open manhole leading to an underground cellar. Here, you will find the TMP submachine gun which is a helpful weapon against the villagers. Failing to discard your items before entering the village will keep the manhole closed.

W-870 shotgun

Not much of a hidden secret, but there is a shotgun that you can grab from the house near the huge bonfire. Just like in the original game, the shotgun can be found hanging on a wall-mounted frame. It is also an effective weapon to deal fatal shots on close drange.

Crude Charm

A Crude Charm can be found inside the Hunter’s Lodge. Written on it are the words “Se acerca el juicio” which translates to “Judgement is Nigh.” This charm provides the solution to Day 6 (3-10-23) of RE:4 Remake ARG called Baby Eagle is Missing . Typing in “juicio” will solve the puzzle.

Summon two Chainsaw villagers

There is a way to summon two Chainsaw villagers during a run. In order to do this, head to the gate where the Chainsaw villager usually appears. Then, go to the house where you find the shot gun and a second Chainsaw villager should appear. Should you defeat both of them and complete the run, you will get a Great rating for your score.

Villagers can get caught in traps

If you kite villagers to walk over the bear traps they set, they can actually get caught on them.

Barn trap

If you lead a group of villagers through the lit barn, you can actually set them all aflame if you shoot the hanging lantern just as they walk under it.

Other visual secrets and tidbits

Other secrets that you can encounter include the burning man on the bonfire which actually is one of Leon’s police escorts, inaccessible windows and drawers which may just be locked for the demo for now, and villagers in some houses which are not present in the original game.

Check out this video by Project Wesker showing other secrets and details that can be found in the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo: