Resident Evil 4 Remake El Gigante Armored Boss Guide

Here's what you need to do to overcome the El Gigante armored boss fight

Resident Evil 4 Remake El Gigante Armored Boss Guide Featured Image

One of two El Gigante armored brought over to the Salazar Castle, this El Gigante is in charge of protecting the battlements of the upper parts of the castle. Little did it know that being on top of the battlements, it is vulnerable to the very same armaments it is sworn to protect.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about defeating the El Gigante armored boss fight in Resident Evil 4 Remake. A little warning: this is more of a “where do you go?” kind of puzzle than “how do you beat this boss?”.

How to defeat El Gigante armored in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The encounter starts with Leon making his way to the top of the initial tower. You are then greeted by the armored behemoth as soon as you step one foot into the arena. The rules of the fight are simple: do not get hit by debris thrown by the El Gigante armored.

To protect yourself from the boss’ attacks, you’ll need to take cover using whatever you can find in the area. It’s primarily going to be these mobile shields (refer to the image above). Or it’s going be stacks of boxes or parts of the castle itself. The mobile shields and the castle will remain standing after an attack. The same can’t be said about the stacks of boxes. One good hit and that piece of cover is compromised.

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, it’s time to go on the offensive. To the left of the entrance you came in, you should see a dropdown a section that runs the length of the wall leading to another tower. While dodging incoming fire, you are supposed to go to that other tower.

The route to the next tower is a perilous one. Not only do you have to stay safe from the constant bombardments, but you’ll also have to contend with the cultists that roam the battlements. The good news is that they are also in the line of fire. You can use that to your advantage.

Any cultists that get close to you will be subject to the same amount of pummeling. But unlike Leon, they will not actively try to avoid the rocks. This works in their favor too since they want you to make a mistake and get hit by a pile of rocks. So, be careful as you’re walking the wall.

The game does a good job of leading you to where you need to go. Just follow the wall until you reach another dropdown point into a section where the castle has been destroyed. A bunch of cultists lie in wait for you there. You’re better off killing them and moving, just to play it safe.

In the back of the place where you fell from, you will find a room with a lever in it. This lever alternates the moon and sun doors. Pull the lever and it will open the door to a new dropdown. Time Gigante’s attacks before proceeding forward. Once you’re safely in the down, chill for a bit, kill the cultist that’s walking towards you, and wait for the monster to throw debris before going up the ladder and proceeding forward.

You’re now inside the second tower. The next thing you need to do is to shoot weights for the cannon in the middle to ascend and get into a position that’ll kill the boss. Once you’ve shot the weight that’s holding down the cannon, you are cleared to go up the tower and find the next weight to shoot.

Once you’ve destroyed the second weight, the cannon should be on top of the tower. This is where it gets dangerous. You’ll need to rotate the cannon as the El Gigante armored throws stuff at you. In harder difficulties, you’ll need to pull yourself off the cannon and wait for another chance to turn it. Don’t get greedy now, or it’s a one-way ticket to Painsville.

Finally, aim the cannon and light the fuse. That’s all you need to do at this point. It only takes one shot to down the boss. It won’t be the last time you’ll see it though. But leave it at that for now.

Rewards for Defeating El Gigante Armored

Unfortunately, there are no tangible rewards for beating El Gigante Armored. The only thing you get for beating it is a sense of accomplishment. And the knowledge that another monstrosity has been put down. That counts for something, right?

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