Resident Evil 5 on Steam Gets Updated After Over a Decade

Finally play together with friends on a couch!

CAPCOM has recently updated the Steam version of Resident Evil 5 after over a decade.

The update is small, but it adds a very interesting feature many fans have long waited for. This new update was introduced to the game after nearly 14 years since it launched on classic platforms.

The game now offers a local split-screen co-op mode where players can play together as Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar on one screen. They can enjoy the story together on a couch and play with one PC unit.

Another annoying problem that finally got removed was the need for Windows Live support. This was a rather annoying pop up that the game needed in order to play on PC. Without this, it will directly play and maybe improve gameplay speed.

Fans were surprised by the late update but also was impressed that the game company made improvements after many years. All of them were thankful of the new update.

resident evil 5

Resident Evil 5 new update is out now on Steam.

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