Resident Evil Turns 20 Years Old!

It happened 20 years ago when the famous Japanese publisher and developer, Capcom, released the successful zombie game on the Playstation system – Biohazard, outside Japan we call it Resident Evil. If you haven’t played the first Resident Evil yet, the game is a survival horror title that stars the famous Chris Redfield – a former S.T.A.R.S. member and the one you know now from the movies and the recent Resident Evil games – and Jill Valentine’s adventures to the place where the disaster happened.

Resident Evil was able to hit 66 million copies sold worldwide and still growing, making its way to Hollywood films, attractions, merchandise, and events across the world, continuing to infect the hearts of every gamer.

As a celebration of this great milestone from Capcom’s best survival horror game, we will post a video of the first Resident Evil, not the HD-remake one, but the actual first version release to show everyone that all of us still loves the game and how it still gives us the creep and best horror atmosphere from any survival horror to date.

From Capcom’s side, the company will release a series of developer interviews featuring a commentary from their development team. They will go back to the mansion’s door to see what they have made last 1996. We have received an update from their PR that they have the first video with producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi and we have emailed PR to get an update from that so we can post it on our YouTube channel for you guys to watch.

Stay tuned for our gameplay video of Resident Evil this week!