Resident Evil TV Series Official Teaser Released

New TV series, new story, new characters.

Netflix has recently released the first Resident Evil TV series official teaser video and it looks promising.

Everyone was skeptical (and some are) of the upcoming new TV series based on the popular survival horror video game Resident Evil. To further it more, they have changed some of the context of the lore including a different Albert Wesker and they even introduced that he had children. The new teaser trailer has now confirmed those details and have added more interesting information.

First, it shows off a scene where Wesker is driving a car with his “daughters” to their new home, which is New Raccoon City. This is also set in 2022, which means the stories from the previous games happened as well, but there could be some differences. His daughters are named Billie and Jade.

resident evil tv series

Again, Wesker is experimenting with the virus and the results are not favorable. It also shows both daughters visiting his lab and might have been caught in the outbreak because all of a sudden they jump to 2036 in London where the land is desolate, the city is in ruins, and zombies are everywhere. One of the daughters is struggling to survive while the other is missing. Nothing quite concrete that could make out the whole plot, but we do know of its beginnings.

On the video’s comment section, the response is quite mixed. Some are confused if this series will continue on the story of the games or will it be a whole different spin-off based on them. Some are already criticizing the ones making these films and series because, in their own words, “could not get it right”. Some are quite hopeful that this series will be unique and entertaining.

Resident Evil TV series on Netflix will broadcast on July 14, 2022.