Resident Evil VIII Rumored to have Multiple Playable Protagonists

Resident Evil VII Ethan

New rumors revealed that upcoming video game sequel Resident Evil VIII will have multiple playable characters.

Insider AestheticGamer recently posted on his personal Twitter account that the upcoming sequel will have three playable characters. He did stress that the main playable character is still Ethan, the protagonist of Resident Evil VII. He kind of revealed this information months ago in a roundabout way, but now he has confirmed it from several sources.

According to the rumor source, players will be able to play as Ethan in RE8 for 50-60 percent of the game. The second protagonist will be 30-40 percent of the game, while the third and final one will only be playable for 10 percent of the game. He did not reveal the true nature of the other two characters.

If this information is true, it could be like Resident Evil 6 all over again or Revelations 3.

Again, take this rumor with a grain of salt. No official confirmation from CAPCOM as of yet.