Resident Evil Village Denuvo DRM on Steam Removed by CAPCOM

No more performance issues, hopefully.

A new report confirms that CAPCOM has officially removed the Resident Evil Village Denuvo DRM anti-tamper technology on Steam.

Resident Evil Village Denuvo DRM ‘Erased’

The latest update for Resident Evil Village finally removes its DRM on Steam as reported by media outlet Dark Side of Gaming. SteamDB’s change tracker then verifies this report by its new entry, which read “Removed 3rd-Party DRM – Denuvo Anti-tamper, 5 different PC within a day machine activation limit.”

This is a most welcome move for players who had avoided the Steam version since it was confirmed that it had DRM. It was then reported that the anti-tamper feature affected the game’s performance. It seems CAPCOM caught wind of the complaints and took action. Without it, performance is guaranteed to have improved for the better.

Most-Hated Feature on Triple-A PC Games

Back in May 2021, many players complained that the PC version had problems with its visuals, which slowed it down greatly. It was revealed that the game had DRM and everyone quickly blamed it for the performance issues. A few months later, CAPCOM released a new update claiming that it had fixed the problems but the game still has DRM. Many avoided the game like the plague until the developers finally remove the anti-tamper system.

resident evil village denuvo drm

Denuvo DRM is an anti-tamper feature for many popular games on PC. Its main function is to protect the game from getting tampered with by “pirates” online. However, it came with a cost: it caused performance issues all the time when it gets installed. It has gotten a bad reputation in the community and every time a game notifies it has the feature, many players avoid buying it.

While it has been proven that removing DRM greatly improves gaming performance, no one has posted online to confirm that it has after the latest update.

Resident Evil Village is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.