Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Mercenaries Trailer Features Lady Dimitrescu

Tall lady and the gang will be joining Mercenaries!

CAPCOM has recently released Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Mercenaries Trailer which features three new characters.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Mercenaries Trailer Highlights

The Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Mercenaries Trailer provides a closer look at The Mercenaries Additional Orders, which introduces new playable characters, more stages, and additional improvements. It introduces three new characters including a favorite, Lady Dimitrescu.

Three New Playable Characters

Aside from Ethan Winters as a playable character, three more characters will be joining in. These are the tall lady Alcina Dimitrescu, magnetic wielding character Karl Heisenberg, and powerhouse veteran Chris Redfield with various weapons and abilities to fight against the monsters out for their blood.

resident evil village gold edition mercenaries trailer lady d

Lady Dimetrescu

Lady Dimitrescu can overpower enemies with her nine-foot height and powerful and razor-sharp talons. She has a Thrill meter that can build up by slicing up enemies and when it fills up can perform special actions like slamming down hostiles or summon her daughters.


Lord Karl Heisenberg possesses magnetic powers and wields a massive hammer. He can electrify his hammer and smash it in the middle of a big crowd, giving devastating results. His creations from the Heisenberg factor, the Soldat Jets, will be joining him too, but be careful not to get caught in the crossfire. He can trade off his movement speed by pulling them in with his magnetic field or throw scrap metal on them like saw blades.


Chris Redfield is the legendary BSAA agent who packs quite a punch and has a new Onslaught gauge that he can build up while attacking enemies. When full, he can request support from the Hound Wolf Squad by using his target locator to pinpoint enemy positions and call in missile strikes.

New Stages

Aside from the new characters, The Mercenaries Additional Orders will add two new stages. These are the Bloody Village and Bloody River. It also adds improvements to the mode.

Pre-Orders Bonus

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and Winter’s Expansion are now available for pre-order starting today on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Pre-order either version to get the Street Wolf Outfit as a special bonus. This is a costume Rosemary Winters can wear in the Shadows of Rose story DLC. Pre-orders for the Winters’ Expansion will start today on Steam and will include the outfit.

Source: Press Release