Resident Evil Village Guide: Free Early Shotgun

Tougher enemies are always a pain to deal with. At the beginning segments of Resident Evil Village, you just won’t have enough firepower to properly take down monsters closing in…at least until you get the free early shotgun you can easily miss. So pay attention to your surroundings, because there are weapons out there that are lying around that you may be walking past by.

The only other option to get this shotgun is by buying it from Duke’s shop which costs quite a pretty penny. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Conservation of resources does play an important role in this survival horror.

From the beginning, you’re cruelly thrust into a seemingly hopeless lycan attack with nothing but a small knife and an unremarkable handgun. Those two aren’t enough to do any devastating damage against lycans. They just simply lack stopping power. And you’re going to want stopping power since lycans are a rather tough breed of enemies.

A shotgun would seem like a gift from the heavens. And it just so happens that one is neatly sitting on a dining table across the building where you first listen into the radio about a safe house. You’ll notice this building immediately because it’s the first you come across and there are lycans perched from above menacingly looking at you.

This shotgun is easily missed due to panic. Shortly as you climb the stairs into the building, the lycans will immediately begin their attack. You might be tempted to run without looking back. But stay calm. There will be a book shelf you can use to stop them at their tracks on the door. This will give you time to pick up ammunition and the shotgun sitting over at the table.

Be careful about being trigger happy with this free early shotgun, at this point in Resident Evil Village you won’t have the blueprints to craft more ammo for it. And shotgun ammunition is very scarce.

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