Resident Evil Village Ships Over 4 Million Units Globally

Resident Evil Village

Game company CAPCOM has officially confirmed the number of units of Resident Evil Village shipped worldwide in a new post.

Resident Evil Village Big Lady

The official CAPCOM Dev 1 Twitter account has recently posted about the number of units that RE Village has shipped recently worldwide. This new information directly came from a press release from the company. It was revealed that the game has launched over 4 million units globally since its launch, which is a big milestone. Compared to its predecessor RE7, RE Village is 5 million units behind. Combining all shipments since the original, it is now more than 100 million units.

Earlier in May 2021, CAPCOM has revealed that the latest game had shipped more or less 3 million copies worldwide after its first release. RE7 also has the same numbers when it first launched.

With RE7 already garnering 9 million units shipped worldwide, RE Village has a lot to catch up before it sits on the Platinum Title List of CAPCOM. RE7 is followed by RE2 Remake and RE 5. Monster Hunter World still takes the top one spot.

Resident Evil Village is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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