Resident Evil Village PS5 Version File Size Rumored More Than Half Xbox Version

A new report has possibly revealed the file size upcoming video game Resident Evil Village for the PlayStation 5 and it is hugely different from its Xbox counterpart.

Quite the big mama!

According to PlayStation Game Size Twitter account, upcoming video game Resident Evil Village will have a file size of only 27.325GB, which is more than half the size of what the Microsoft Store revealed for Xbox consoles. This is its size without the Day One patch.

Aside from that information, the Twitter post also shared other details like its pre-load date. It was revealed that Resident Evil Village can be downloaded ahead of time on May 5, which is 2 days before the official launch on May 7. This will give ample time for PS5 owners to download the game ahead and just wait for the official release day to unlock it for playing.

The post, unfortunately, did not reveal the download size of Resident Evil Village for the PS4 for some reason. It is possible that it will have the same file size or just a bit higher but not the same as the Xbox consoles. What is curious about this is reveal is that the game’s download size is quite large compared to the PS5 version. Almost half the difference, which makes you wonder what are the other files included for the Xbox version.

No official confirmation yet from CAPCOM as of now.

Resident Evil Village will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on May 7. There was also the report a few days ago that the game will be censored in Japan.