Resident Evil Village Steam Tags Possibly Hints Gameplay to have Open World Mechanics

Resident Evil Village

With the announcement of the official release date of upcoming video game Resident Evil Village, fans are looking high and low for some hints of hidden details that game company CAPCOM has not revealed yet. It seems like there has been a “hint” of a new mechanic.

According to the guys from the website Rely on Horror, the Steam listing of RE Village showed a peculiar tag: Open World. Also, it has Sexual Content, which is quite true with the tall vampire lady and her “daughters” seen on the trailers.

The Open World tag, however, is where most fans are quite intrigued. RE leaker Dusk Golem shared some interesting info about it on his official Twitter account. According to him, RE Village will have some sort of a small open world design and the development team calls it Metroidvania. This could mean exploration will be the main focus of this game and areas will be connecting with players having the ability to come back to previous ones they have visited.

From what I remember, exploration is not quite big in the RE universe, but this could be bigger here. This is mere speculation on my part, so do not take this as official fact for now.

Resident Evil Village will launch on May 7 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.