Resident Evil Village Includes The Mercenaries Game Mode

Game company CAPCOM has officially revealed that upcoming survival horror video game sequel Resident Evil Village will have the popular extra game mode The Mercenaries.

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The Mercenaries is a staple extra game mode in the RE franchise for quite a while now and it comes back here in RE Village. Players can access this newest version after completing the main game and it will feature a first-person perspective with new mechanics added.

Here are the details from the official website:

How Do You Play The Mercenaries?

Put simply, The Mercenaries has one simple rule: reach the goal before the time runs out. But to do that you need to defeat the enemies in each area. The better you do, the higher your score.
You can find bonus time orbs within each area to give you more time to take down creatures.
How far can you get?

Players can choose their weapons for each stage and use the ones that suit best for them. They can also use combos of abilities and match it with their playstyles. They can access the Duke’s Emporium in between areas to purchase weapons and upgrade them if necessary. There are different abilities to choose from and improve on them.

Each stage will increase its difficulty level, which is why it is advised to take notes on each one before taking it on seriously. If they complete all of the stages, they can get a special reward.

This is a free extra mode and no need to purchase it.

Resident Evil Village will launch on May 7 on PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Source: Official Website

Here’s the trailer: