Resident Evil Village VR-Specific Interactions Have Realistic Reason

It's nothing complex really.

CAPCOM shared details about Resident Evil Village VR talking about the VR-specific interactions that Ethan Winters had to do in this version.

Resident Evil Village VR Mode Director Kazuhiro Takahara recently spoke with Upload in a Q&A over mail. The media outlet asked about the reason for the VR-specific interactions in the game like Ethan open his jacket for items and storing weapons. Takahara revealed that the answer was more realistic and nothing complex.

The director revealed that the PS VR2’s Sense controllers did not have a D-pad that players could use to switch out weapons. The original version had them, but this was impossible for the VR mode, so they created a way to make this happen and this is where the implementations came from.

Even if there was a D-pad, the developers wanted the game to be immersive for the players since that was their main goal. Since Ethan was always wearing a coat in the game, this game them an idea of using it as a unique VR “equipment slots” for him. Players would feel that they were Ethan and opening the coat would open the equipment he has and then he could switch weapons or use items.


This actually led them to create more immersive and natural VR interactions in Resident Evil Village VR mode.

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