Riders Republic New Trailer Reveals Characters and Story

Suki and Brett are there to help the players achieve that Legendary status.

Two new characters have been introduced in the newest trailer of Riders Republic and it sets up the game’s story.

Even though Riders Republic is all about freedom and enjoying extreme sports in your own way, this new trailer reveals that there is actually a story behind this game and characters to meet along the way. Two of them, in fact, are being introduced in this new Gamescom Beta Extension Trailer.

Just like its predecessor, Steep, Riders Republic will have story about the players trying to achieve Legendary status in all of the modes in the game. Just like in real life, they will have to deal with sponsorships, getting the best gear, and more. These are all in line with some sort of story on the journey into becoming that legend.

Suki is the one who gives a recommendation to the player to join Riders Republic. She tells the player what this crazy tournament is all about, the location called Rider’s Ridge, and more. She also is some sort of a tutorial NPC that players first meet before plunging into the main game.

There is this athlete that Suki introduces to the player who has already achieved Legendary status in several extreme sports like ski, bike, and wingsuit. His name is Brett and is looking for other riders that have a potential to become “champions”. He becomes a coach, sort of, for the player and possibly a sponsorship manager that will be assisting along the way. He even says that he will take the player under his wing if they show they have got what it takes to achieve that Legendary status.

Riders Republic launches on October 28, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The open beta right now has been extended to August 28, 2021.