Rise of the Ronin: How to get the Glider

Rise of the Ronin Glider

Rise of the Ronin players are given plenty of options to explore the environment. One of the most satisfying and practical ways to so is with the help of the glider, a device that allows for fast-travel and gives players a vantage point that isn’t available on land. Read ahead as we walk you through how to obtain the glider and upgrade for a more smooth sailing journey in Rise of the Ronin.

How to unlock the Glider in Rise of the Ronin

How to unlock the Glider in Rise of the Ronin

The glider (Avicula) becomes available early on, shortly after completing the prologue. This takes place during the story quest called “The Bridge to Yokohama.” In this mission, you and Royama Sakamoto will have to work together to take on Gonzo, the boss, in this task. The player receives the glider as a reward for completing the quest.

After completing “Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises” and finishing the mission’s boss fight, you will be given a key to a warehouse. A big chest within this room contains the glider; it’s just down the stairs and to the left of where the boss fight takes place. After obtaining the glider, you can quickly deploy it while airborne by pressing the jump button (X).