Rise of the Ronin Leak Reveals Release Window

It's a mix of three popular titles.

New Rise of the Ronin leaks might have just revealed the release window of the upcoming video game.

Rise of the Ronin Leaks Reveal New Info

Former insider The Snitch’s Discord server recently revealed new details and screenshots for the PS5 console exclusive Rise of the Ronin. While the screenshots were not that much, the details were quite interesting. The images included a map, a quest description, and a skill tree with strange symbols. According to the post on Resetera, Team Ninja’s game is described as a mix of Ghost of Tsushima, Assassin’s Creed, and Dark Souls.

Item Description Expands Lore

It was revealed that many of the item descriptions in this game are used to make the lore bigger and better. It would actually contribute to the lore of the game, making players learn more of its stories. For example, one of the swords that the protagonist uses has a description that explains the story of the sword, the blacksmith who forged it, and what they are famous for.

Side Quests are Familiar

Players who know or fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise will be familiar with the side-quests in the game. They have similarities to Ubisoft side-quest designs like from Assassin’s Creed.

Other Info

As for other details, the leak says there are difficulty options to choose from, skill and technique trees, performance and quality modes, and there are planned romance options. The last one might not happen, but it is in the plan and might get added later.

Release Window

Lastly, the launch window for Rise of Ronin is planned for Q1 2024. This could change, depending on the development process of the game but Team Ninja is known to launch its games on time. Unfortunately, the game studio has not made any statements lately so we will have to wait.