Rise of the Ronin Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Standard Edition - All Editions in Rise of the Ronin

The official Rise of the Ronin Trophy List has been released, so I can now talk about how to get the Platinum trophy for the game. I have been playing the game for over a week now and can confidently say that the Platinum trophy is within reach.

In this guide, I’ll tell you how you can get the Platinum trophy for Rise of the Ronin, Team Ninja’s latest Samurai open-world epic. And let me tell you, story aside, the game is light on the requirements. It will keep completionists awake at night but at the very least, you don’t need “everything” to get Platinum in the game.

Before I go any further, I must insist on issuing a Spoiler Warning. Despite the fact that the list has already been out for a while now, I will be including story elements into my breakdown of the list that were previously unknown at the time. You have been warned.

There are 51 trophies to collect as you fight to see your vision of a New Japan fulfilled.

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 2 Gold trophies
  • 9 Silver trophies
  • 39 Bronze trophies

Rise of the Ronin Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Rise of the Ronin: Obtained all trophies

Gold trophies

  • Friendly Neighborhood Ronin: Completed all Bond Missions
  • Midnight Crossing: Completed an optional Ronin mission with the ‘Midnight’ difficulty setting enabled

Silver trophies

  • A Veiled Edge’s Future: Sealed the fate of your Blade Twin
  • The Dawn of a New Japan: Cleared Chapter 3
  • Veiled Vow: Started your first romantic relationship
  • Social Climber: Took part in missions with all available allies
  • Sightseer: Completed all photograph spots
  • Cats Over All: Collected all cats
  • Tears of a Blue Demon: Managed to beat the Blue Demon aboard the Black Ship

Bronze trophies

  • Flying the Nest: Cleared the Prologue
  • Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises: Learned that your Blade Twin is still alive
  • Infiltrate the Prison Complex: Made your way to Shoin Yoshida
  • A Happy Memory: Took a photograph at the request of Taka Murayama
  • Black Ships, Long Shadows: Cleared Chapter 1
  • Meeting Kaishu Katsu: Spoke with Kaishu Katsu at the Sumida River
  • A Show for the Shogun: Learned the identity of the mysterious samurai at the duel
  • Strange Bedfellows: Brokered a truce between the Roshigumi and the Choshu clan
  • Cities of Darkness: Cleared Chapter 2
  • The Satsuma-Chosu Alliance: Persuaded Takamori Saigo
  • The Battle of Toba-Fushimi: Brought the Battle of Toba-Fushimi to an end
  • Threads of Fate: Established your first bond
  • One Good Turn Deserves Another: Gave your first gift
  • Fated Encounter: Achieved your first Lv. 4 Personal Bond
  • Home Sweet Home: Achieved your first Lv. 3 Area Bond
  • Collector: Earned your first Completion Reward
  • Good to Go: Upgraded your armor, weapon, and sub-weapon
  • Transfer of Power: Performed your first Bond Transfer
  • Resonance: Equipped four or more pieces of equipment with the same set bonus for the first time
  • Fresh Start: Remodelred your longhouse for the first time
  • Traveling Through Time: Retried a mission for the first time using the Testament of the Soul
  • Striver’s License: Received the highest rank (Master) at the dojo
  • Horseback Hero: Received the highest rank (Master) in horseback archery
  • Winged Warrior: Received the highest rank (Master) in gliding training
  • Firearm Genius: Received the highest rank (Master) in firearms training
  • Cheater Beater: Caught 5 cheaters while playing Odds and Evens
  • Style Guru: Mastered three combat styles
  • A Jack of One Trade is a Master of All: Mastered one of the four stat styles
  • Shadow Stalker: Succeeded in carrying out 100 assassinations
  • Keeper of the Peace: Defeated 50 fugitives
  • Fancy Meeting You Here: Had 50 Chance Encounters
  • Moneybags: Saved 150,000 sen
  • Well-Rounded Ronin: Reached Level 55
  • Martial Arts Maniac: Defeated enemies using every weapon
  • Solitary Ronin: Completed a mission without allies
  • Life Saver: Completed a No-Kill Mission’s objectives
  • The Greater Opportunity: Saved Shinsaku Takasugi’s life
  • Farewell, Black Cat: Saved Soji Okita’s life
  • Twilight Fencer: Saved Ryoma Sakamoto’s life
  • Dive of the Ronin: Glided from the elevated deck at Kiyomizudera Temple

First things first, don’t let the fact that Rise of the Ronin is only three chapters long. These chapters literally span whole years’ worth of events. And if you want to get the completion bonuses for each region of the game’s multiple maps, you better cozy up, you’ll be there for quite some time. In terms of playtime, you’re still looking at anywhere between 35-50 hours depending on how dedicated you are to clearing the map of collectibles.

The Resonance Bronze trophy trophy is earned after equipping four or more pieces of equipment with the same set bonus for the first time. Some bonus sets are not bound to a single set of armor. They can appear on different pieces of equipment. For this trophy, looks don’t matter much. Complete the set once and you can just start over again with the pieces you do want to put together.

For the Transfer of Power Bronze trophy, you’ll first need to unlock the ability to do a Bond Transfer. It essentially means taking a special effect from one weapon and transferring it to another. The donor weapon gets destroyed in the process but at least the receiving weapon will become slightly more powerful thanks to that small sacrifice.

To perform a Bond Transfer, you’ll need the right amount of Bond Jewels, money, and materials. The higher the rarity of the donor weapon, the more materials you’ll need. Bond Jewels are somewhat of a rare resource, so you choose carefully which weapons you want to enhance.

There are 58 Bond missions to complete for the Friendly Neighborhood Ronin Gold trophy. You unlock more Bond Missions as you naturally progress through the story. It will require you to deepen your bond with your ally first to be able to start one. Some Bond missions though will be unavailable for one reason or another. If that happens, it might be possible to get access to locked content through the Testament of the Soul.

The Social Climber Silver trophy asks you to take all 32 available allies in the game on at least one mission. You can complete the whole roster by progressing through the game. With the Testament of the Soul, you can redo missions while swapping out allies. (Including dearly departed one.) At the same time, you will fulfill the conditions to unlock the Traveling Through Time Bronze trophy.

On the flip side, you can redo an early-game mission without allies to unlock the Solitary Ronin Bronze trophy.

The skill mastery mini-games, horseback archery, gliding training, and firearms training, are relatively easy. To unlock the Horseback Hero, Winged Warrior, and Firearm Genius trophies, all you have to do is score high enough to reach Master rank. It is very easy to do this in the earlier areas of the game as the mini-games’ demands gradually increase the deeper you go into the game.

Out of all the activities, it might be the Striver’s License Bronze trophy that might give you pause. This trophy requires you to get Master rank at the dojo. To get enough points for the rank, you’ll need to take the minimum amount of damage, perfect parry often, and finish the sparring session in a short amount of time. It will require some focused training with the right partner to get it but it is doable with enough tries.

The Cheater Beater is one of the more unique trophies the game has to offer. For this one, you’ll need to catch 5 cheaters while playing Odds and Evens, the game’s version of a gambling mini game.

To catch the cheater, you’ll need to pay attention to the outcomes of all the other players in the game. The game will show you the results of matches based on your Cheater Beater ability. The bigger the sample size, the more likely you’ll find the cheater. Do this 4 more times and you’ll unlock the trophy.

How you decide to deal with the cheater is up to you. Though I must say, their intel has allowed me to rake in some serious money.

The Shadow Stalker bronze trophy was a lot easier to do than expected. Turns out, getting 100 assassinations is easier when you have something like two or three chance encounters going between objectives. You can do the Fancy Meeting You Here trophy at the same time.

There are around 100 Fugitives in the game to find and bring to justice. The Keeper of the Peace trophy only asks to seek out 50 Fugitives. You can get this done by the time you are done with the Edo map.

The Cats Over All Silver trophy is one that really caught me off guard. Finding and retrieving 100 cats shouldn’t be much of an issue, but really they are more than a handful. There are roughly 40 cats in the Yokohama map, around 30 in the Edo map, and finally the last roughly 30 can be found in the Kyoto map. At least the Sightseer Silver trophy only asks you to photograph 44 spots on all three maps.

There are a couple of ways to do a No-Kill mission for the Life Saver Bronze trophy. You can either go into the fight with wooden weapons or with your bare hands. Both methods will ensure that no kills occur during the mission. Only a few broken bones and bruised egos.

Doing the ‘The Greater Opportunity‘, ‘Farewell, Black Cat‘, ‘Twilight Fencer‘ requires you to say the right things at the right time and fancy sword work. The only advice I can give is to save at the start of missions in Chapter 3 and pray you don’t save over an important part that might have sealed the fate for a character.

And finally, to get the Tears of a Blue Demon Silver trophy, you’ll need to beat the Blue Demon aboard the Black Ship. Think of it as your Dark Souls opening boss and this trophy is your reward for beating a formidable foe at the start of the game.

And that’s everything I have for this Rise of the Ronin trophy guide. For all of its quirks, Rise of the Ronin has a lot of fascinating information about Japan at the time. I hope you guys take your time and enjoy this epic tale while you’re going out there for your Platinum trophies. Good luck, trophy hunters.