Rise of the Ronin Yokohama Missions List

Rise of the Ronin Yokohama Missions List Featured Image

Rise of the Ronin offers a story rich in memorable character moments between bouts of clearing bandit hideouts and finding the occasional lost kitty. It also offers the player a glimpse into the lives of Japanese people during that turbulent era in history.

In this guide, I’ll tell you about all the missions you can expect to encounter on the Yokohama map and their associated rewards. This will include all the Ronin main story missions, bond, and grassroots missions. This will hopefully set up the right expectations when going into the game’s open world.

A heavy Spoiler Warning is issued past this point. No mission details will be given. The list alone can still be considered a spoiler.

Ronin Missions

These are the missions that make up the main story of Rise of the Ronin. You need to progress them to unlock Bond missions and Grass Roots missions. Some locations are also inaccessible until they are necessary to set up the next part of the story.

Curtain Falls, Curtain Rises

Mission Level: 2


  • 1000 Coins
  • 11 EXP
  • Oban 1x
  • Power Remedy 6x
  • Red Nuts 2x
  • Sulfur 3x
  • Silver Coin 3x

The Bridge to Yokohama

Mission Level: 2

Locating the Camera

Mission Level: 5


  • 1600 Coins
  • 13 EXP
  • Giant Monk Costume 1x
  • Calabash Gourd 1x
  • Ki Remedy 1x
  • Sulfur 3x
  • Silver Coin 3x

A Pleasure District Portrait

Mission Level: 6


  • 1100 Coins
  • 15 EXP
  • Wandering Samurai Longbow 1x
  • Exquisite Kimono 1x
  • Face Powder and Brush 1x
  • Primary Weapon (Excellent) 1x

The Plot to Assassinate Harris

Mission Level: 8


  • 2300 Coins
  • 25 EXP
  • Courtesan’s Hairpin 1x
  • Old-Fashioned Bayonet 1x
  • Bond Jewel 2x
  • Surrogate Jizo 1x
  • Silver Coin 3x

Follow Your Blade Twin

Mission Level: 8

Hidden Motives

Mission Level: 11


  • 1900 Coins
  • 38 EXP
  • Spears – Taneka-ryu (Combat Style)
  • American Rifle Mk. V 1x
  • Flaming Whetstone 1x
  • Black Gunpowder 1x
  • Silver Coin 3x
  • Japanese Poetry Anthology 1x

Yokohama’s Shadow

Mission Level: 11

Tracking Down Harris

Mission Level: 10


  • 1900 Coins
  • 34 EXP
  • Primary Weapon (Excellent)
  • Rifle Bullet 6x
  • Power Remedy 1x
  • Iron Ore 2x
  • Silver Coin 3x

Take Back Hongakuji Temple

Mission Level: 11


  • 1900 Coins
  • 34 EXP
  • Primary Weapon (Excellent)
  • Black-Tasseled Longbow 1x
  • Arrow 6x
  • Anti-Ki Remedy 1x
  • Silver Coin 3x

Cultural Exchange

Mission Level: 11

The Chinatown Kiheitai

Mission Level: 12


  • 2000 Coins
  • 42 EXP
  • Oxtail Blade 1x
  • Revolver Mk. II 1x
  • Clasp Hands 1 (Gesture)
  • Chinese Calligraphy Scroll (Decoration)
  • Silver Coin 3x

Infiltrate the Prison Complex

Mission Level: 16


  • 2900 Coins
  • 106 EXP
  • Decorative Rifle 1x
  • Rifle Bullet 6x
  • Flaming Whetstone 1x
  • Black Sand Steel 2x
  • Silver Coin 3x

Those Who Know Shoin

Mission Level: 17

Bond Missions

Bond missions involve specific core characters that are integral to the main story. You won’t be able to sway events in the way you think you would but at the very least you will know why they do what they do. For the characters, it helps them understand where Ronin ultimately stands on the issue of where the country is going.

  • The Bad Bunch
  • Test of Friendship
  • Peace Negotiations
  • Encroaching Shadows
  • The Black Jewel
  • A New Lease on Life
  • Chopped Liver
  • A Lucky Find Put to Use
  • In Search of New Knowledge
  • The Seed of Doubt
  • The Way of the Warrior
  • Terms of the Deal
  • Try Your Luck
  • Something to Believe In
  • The Men from Tosa

Grass Roots Missions

The grass roots missions are similar to the Stranger Missions in Red Dead Redemption. It is often regular folk calling your attention, asking for help for something that is beyond their capabilities. The outcomes will not move the needle in Japan’s future but they go a long way in increasing your bonds with the region.

  • Watchtower Repairs
  • A Last Request
  • The Stolen Statue
  • The Broker
  • When Clouds of Vengeance Part
  • Where are the Goods?
  • This Cause is Mine
  • Find Medical Ingredients
  • Horse Rescue
  • Your Reward is in the Cave