Road Rage 3D Released on iOS!

Road Rage 3D is an endless racing game that takes you on a high speed journey. With the help of various powerups, and a selection of unlockable cars including a Taxi, Police Car, Schoolbus and Limousine, the goal is to race as far as you can and become the king of the road!

How far can you go without losing control?

The game automatically accelerates your car. The further you race, the faster the car will go! All you have to do is keep the car on the road, and avoid all roadblocks and other obstacles that the game throws at you, like avalanches, dead ends, roundabouts, and snow and sand storms.

Road Rage 3D is The ultimate test of your reflexes!

You can use several powerups to slow down your speed or destroy the roadblocks. The powerups will become more powerful once you level them up.

The smash powerup gives you a speed boost and lets you race straight through the roadblocks. The Fly powerup lets you skip level blocks. The Bomb Ring destroys all roadblocks that are caught in its radius. The Brake powerup slows down your speed and the Shield powerup protects you against any impact with the roadblocks.

Road Rage 3D is now available on the Appstore for free!
Download the game now and race as far as you can!

 Main Features:
·         12 unlockable cars
·          5 upgradable powerups
·          125 level blocks
·          Destructible Roadblocks
·         Day to Night transition
·         3D Graphics
·         Weather Effects
·         Option to challenge your friends!


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