Roblox Files Lawsuit Against Content Creator Following Cybermob Incident

Simon now faces several charges.

The Roblox Corporation has announced its filing of lawsuit against content creator Benjamin Robert Simon for leading a cybermob against the platform.

Last Tuesday, the game company filed the lawsuit against Simon at a California court, according to a report by media outlet Polygon. $1.6 million in damages is what Roblox is seeking from this incident.

The lawsuit specified that Simon, aka Ruben Sim, has been banned from the platform for several years now. He has been using racists and homophobic slurs, done sexual harassment, and uploaded images of Adolf Hitler on the platform, which caused him to be banned.

The creator is alleged to be the leader of the cybermob according to the lawyers of Roblox. He led them with malice, fraud, and oppression. “—commits and encourages unlawful acts designed to injure Roblox and its users.”

This includes the following: repeatedly circumventing the technological barriers erected to block Defendant Simon from accessing the Roblox platform after he was permanently banned from the platform and instructing and encouraging others to do the same.

Simon is also accused of posting false and misleading terrorist threats in order to discourage Roblox users from participating in in-person and online events.

There was one incident in San Francisco this year where Simon posted false messages on Twitter that prompted police to search for an Islamic extremist at the Roblox Developers Conference. This made the company shut down temporarily the conference, which costed $50,000 in damages.

The lawsuit against Simon is on a number of counts that includes breach of contract, fraud, and tortious interference.

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