Roll Spike is the World’s First Ever Sepak Takraw Mobile Game

Sepak Takraw is a popular South East Asian sport originating from Mediasoft’s home country of Malaysia. Known by different names such as Sipa in Philippines or simply Takro in Thailand, it’s a game similar to the sport of volleyball. But instead of a regular ball, uses a rattan ball and relies on players using their feet, knees and chest to play.

Roll Spike makes it easy for players to experience the spirit of Sepak Takraw through an intuitive touch D-Pad and button control system. Completely optimised for mobile, Roll Spike allows players to preform kicks, passes, headers, blocks and of course a special roll spike attack!

Including some of the top virtual teams in Sepak Takraw, Roll Spike allows players to play and unlock teams from Korea, Malaysia, Thailand Indonesia and the Philippines. Players can travel around the world to different stadiums to play in Malaysia, Thailand and Korea, with more being added in future updates.

Havene Liew, Managing Director of Mediasoft Entertainment has this to say, “I love sports games but the market is dominated by popular Western sports such as football, basketball and tennis. We wanted to create a game that was not only enjoyable but reflected our local culture, which we did with Li-Ning Badminton Jump Smash. We hope that Roll Spike will not only be successful as a game, but will bring light on the sport as a whole”.

Developed by Mediasoft Entertainment, Malaysia’s award winning games development studio. Roll Spike is the first ever Sepak Takraw mobile game in the world and will be out on the App Store and Google Play worldwide on the 14th of April.