Romancing SaGa 2 Revenge Of The Seven Revealed At Nintendo Direct June 2024

Write your own Heroic Tale against the 7 Heroes

Romancing Saga 2 Revenge of the Seven Featured Image

In the latest Nintendo Direct, Square Enix revealed their next entry to the Romancing Saga series titled Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven and this game will challenge a player’s mentality and skill in many ways they can.

Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven Story Summary

“It is the Imperial year 1000.
Terrifying fiends plague the land and various nations struggle
to contend with both this incursion and their internal conflicts.
The people wait in hope for the fulfillment of an ancient legend
that foretells the coming of seven great heroes who will save their ravaged kingdoms.
Then, one fated day, Avalon, the capital of the Varennes Empire, is suddenly and brutally attacked.
The aggressor is none other than Kzinssie, one of the seven heroes of legend.
The people are crushed underfoot and Prince Victor,
the brave and noble heir to the imperial throne, is slain.
The citizens of the empire are overcome with despair at the realization that the legends are false,
But Victor’s father, Emperor Leon,
swears his vengeance on the Seven and their mighty powers.
He uses the fabled “inheritance magic” bestowed by the seeress Orieve
to pass his powers on to his other son Gerard,
trading his own life for a chance for his heir to strike back.
This act marked the first chapter in a deadly tale of a war fought long ago,
an epoch-spanning struggle between the imperial line of Varennes and the Seven Heroes.”

Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven Characters


He is known as the Second Prince of the Varennes Empire and a man of mild temperament who dislikes conflict. He is tasked with the secrets of inheritance magic as well as the throne and the future of the empire itself by his father Leon. As the first generation of the new imperial line, he begins the war to defeat the Seven Heroes


He is a member of the Imperial Heavy Infantry unit that has sworn fealty to the Emperors of Varennes. With his imposing physique clad in thick armor, Bear fights in the front rank of the empire’s unique “Imperial Cross” formation, where he proudly bears the brunt of enemy fire.

Therese & Henry

Therese is a warrior of the empire who survives off the land. Highly dextrous, she is skilled with bows and shortswords. Henry is a warrior of the empire and operates as a tracker in the wilderness. He uses his archery skills to take down enemies from afar.

Hector & Andromache

A skilled mercenary who follows those he considers strong, Hector is a close-quarters fighting expert who wields axes and greatswords. Andromache is a sellsword who follows those with power. She is a well-rounded fighter who can adapt to any range with excellent sword and bow skills

Aries & Emerald

Aries works as the court mage who serves the empire. His talents lie in the manipulation of potent wind and water magic. Emerald is a powerful mage who possesses great skill in conjuring fire and wind magic.

Cat & Sparrow

Cat is a thief based in the undercity beneath Avalon. Quick and dextrous, she is skilled with short swords. Sparrow is also a thief who is a proficient close-quarters fighter who relies on speed.

Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge Of The Seven Inheritance System

In this new game, players will be using a new feature called the Inheritance system where they can select the next Emperor of a region and pass down the powers of the previous generation to them. Inheritance automatically occurs when the current emperor is reduced to zero Life Points when the party is wiped out, when time moves on to the next era, or when the current ruler abdicates. All playable characters found in Romancing Saga 2 can become an emperor.

Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge Of The Seven Battle System

By reaching various enemies found in different locations, players will engage in a turn-based combat system where every ally and enemy is shown on a timeline. Once that character’s turn comes around, they can act immediately. If a character is incapacitated, their life points (LP) are reduced, and they will die if the LP total reaches zero. Both enemies and allies have various weaknesses against certain weapons or spells, so careful planning and preparation are required in this game.

There are a total of 8 weapon types found and each weapon has its ability that a character can unlock. Fight using swords, greatswords, shortswords, spears, axes, clubs, or martial arts. Mages can use 6 magical skills with various characteristics. Master pyrology, hydrology, aerology, terrology, cosmology and umbrology.

If you use an ability with a lightbulb icon in battle, you can sometimes trigger a “glimmer” and learn a new technique. When targeted by an enemy attack, it is also possible to evade and completely avoid taking damage.

Perform United Attacks as the overdrive gauge charges up. To fill up the gauge, use a spell or attack an enemy’s weakness and unleash the United Attack to defeat your enemies with no problem.

Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven Story System

In this game, every action the player takes will have a major effect on story progression, from the options they choose to the order they visit locations and the actions they take there. The story will progress whatever you do, but the events that occur can have countless variations. Act as you wish and write your heroic tale in the history of the empire.

Players are free to adventure in the different regions on the world map in any order they please. Each region is beset by its problems and solving these crises allows you to win over the local forces and bring them under your influence. Aim to unite all the lands under your banner as the Emperor of Varennes!

Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven is set to be launched this October 24, 2024 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC (via Steam). Players can preorder the game now as it comes with bonuses that will boost one’s chances of defeating the 7 heroes.