Rumored New Uncharted Title Handled by New Sony San Diego Team

Rumors state that a new studio is going to handle the next Uncharted game.

A poster from online forum ResetEra recently spotted a new post on the LinkedIn profile of Sony’s Sand Diego Studio Former Boss Michael Mumbauer. It stated that he has assisted in making a brand-new, all-star team to work on AAA action-adventure titles for PlayStation. It seems like this studio is different from the ones that worked on other titles like God of War.

A few posters speculated that this is going to be Knack 3, but most of them are convinced that it will be a new Uncharted title.

There is no official confirmation as of yet, but this could be a hint of what is to come for this year. If this is going to be a new Uncharted, a lot of fans would be overjoyed.

Still, take this with a grain of salt for now.

Source: ResetEra