[Rumor] Persona 5: R An Updated Release Or A Story Follow-up?

ATLUS’ Persona series has been one of the best JRPGs in the industry; and with the recent success of Persona 5, is it possible that an updated release of the game is already in the making? Or is it a story follow-up?

According to a Twitter post by Mystic @ NYC, a Japenese-to-English translator, that a P5R (Persona 5: R) website has been registered by ATLUS – p5r.jp. The domain is already owned and when we looked up the domain registrant details over on Who.is, it shows that Ryusoffice Corp,Inc is the company who registered the domain.

Mystic suggested that P5R will most likely launch in 2018 around May or June and that it will be more of an updated release.

We did some further digging about the company who registered the domain, and it’s actually ATLUS themselves. Around April 2017, Mystic also posted over Twitter that Ryusoffice is actually ATLUS.

This is also but rumors though, but if you look at the registrant information of the domain, it’s possible that there’s likely be a follow up or an update version of Persona 5.