Rumored Upcoming New Nintendo Console Gets More Details

VR capabilities and new Pro controller?!

A tipster who allegedly revealed the upcoming new Nintendo console has more details.

According to the source, this new “Nintendo Switch 2” has a new name and it is going to be called Nintendo Focus. It is believed to launch together with the allegedly upcoming video game Mario Kart 9. They claim that this sequel has been in development since 2018 and with the Nintendo Focus, this will be Nintendo’s big crossover franchise.

The Nintendo Focus is also claimed to have VR capabilities, hence the name. There is a fee for transferring Switch games to this new console, which is going to be $2.99. This particular detail is quite far-fetched, but it is an interesting idea that Nintendo is finally touching on VR gaming with this new console and maybe, its specs will finally be comparable to the new gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Lastly, this source claims that this new console will get a new Pro controller and will be called Focus Pro 1. It will include HD rumble and haptic feedback, paddles on the back, a microphone, and might even have a heating and cooling pack.

No word yet from Nintendo, so take these new claims with a grain of salt.