Sable Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

These are the trophies you need to collect in order to get platinum in Sable

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This is our Sable trophy guide. The game was first released on PC and Xbox back in September 2021 and it has just been released on PlayStation platforms. It tells the story of the titular character as she finds her play amongst her people by taking a rite of passage into adulthood.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to know in order to get platinum in Sable as well as a few pointers from what we know about the game.

Sable Trophy Guide


  • Glider: Unlock all other trophies


  • The Gliding: Choose your mask


  • Just The Two of Us: Leave the Ewer
  • Chum Expert: Complete Building a Queendom
  • The Quick and the Curious: Complete An Ancient Race
  • Amateur Historian: Complete Historical Reconnection
  • Many Different Faces: Collect 5 masks
  • Honorary Chum: Deliver 60 Chum eggs
  • Gastric Bypass: Traverse a hidden cavern
  • Bikes Don’t Fly: Get 5 seconds of air time on the hoverbike
  • Vivacious Vivarium: Complete the collection in the Vivarium


  • The Machinist Mask: Unlock the Machinist mask
  • The Beetle Mask: Unlock the Beetle mask
  • The Climber Mask: Unlock the Climbers mask
  • The Entertainer Mask: Unlock the Entertainment mask
  • The Guard Mask: Unlock the Guard mask
  • The Scrapper Mask: Unlock the Merchants mask
  • The Cartographer Mask: Unlock the Cartographers mask
  • Chum Novice: Deliver your first Chum egg
  • The Dunboyne: Open the door in the Dunboyne
  • Trellick’s Pillar: Open the door in Trellick’s Pillar
  • Shadow of Neave: Open the door in Shadow of Neave
  • Rowleys Way: Open the door in Rowleys Way
  • Centre Of Brunswich: Open the door in Bralfron Connection
  • Thread The Needle: Reveal a Hicarc arch monument
  • Fragile Goods: Destroy a Nimoor plant
  • Ceiling Stars: Complete the puzzle in the Watch
  • Up On High: Unblock the wind tower
  • Power to the People: Return power to Eccria
  • Take That!: Point the finger at a suspect
  • Glider on the Storm: Harvest a lightning crystal
  • Smoked Out: Collect a Hakoan glowworm
  • Nesting Giant: Get into the Hercules Beetle Nest
  • Got Your Nose: Collect an elephant beetle
  • Squeeze One Out: Collect a slicer beetle poo
  • A Hard Place: Collect a orange ringed beetle
  • Bike Collector: Collect 10 bike parts
  • Bike Aficionado: Collect 20 bike parts
  • Badge Hobbyist: Collect 5 badges
  • Badge Collector: Collect 10 badges
  • Simoon: Build your hoverbike
  • Under The Hood: Customise your hoverbike with a Machinist
  • The Gift of Gab: Talk to 15 NPCs
  • Silver-Tongued Sable: Talk to 30 NPCs
  • Sticky Paws: Climb 500m in total
  • More Than A Box of Sand: Open 20 chests
  • Treasure Tracker: Open 40 chests
  • Dune Rider: Travel 50km on the bike
  • Bubble Up: Hover for 1500m using the Perpetual
  • Not That Kind of Gliding: Fall from a great height
  • Wrapping Up: Collect 6 items of clothing
  • Playing Dress Up: Collect 12 items of clothing
  • Big Spender: Spend 1000 cuts
  • The Angler Mask Unlock the Angler mask
  • Quite The Catch: Catch your first fish

There are a total of 57 Trophies to collect:

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 1 Gold Trophy
  • 9 Silver Trophies
  • 46 Bronze Trophies

Hidden Trophy:

  • Gastric Bypass

Sable is not your conventional open-world game. There are no enemies to fight and no Big Evil that needs vanquishing. You will spend the vast majority of your time exploring the world and finding yourself before choosing a mask that will define your role amongst your people.

The game follows a nonlinear approach to progression. Once you get your hoverbike, you basically have free reign to go in any direction your heart is set on. A good chunk of trophies that are up for grabs are ones that you can earn from doing various tasks and proving yourself worthy of that mask. Another set of trophies is linked to unlocking doors and opening up more regions to travel around.

You can knock off one-third of the trophies over a period of time if you also talk to NPCs, work on your hoverbike, and collect the badges from challenges. Now, opening chests is going to be a little more tricky as many of them can be found in ruins and hidden locations underground.

This can also be one of your quicker Gold trophy grabs. You can get The Gliding trophy within the earlier part of the game in the starting village and you spend the rest of the time exploring the vast open world.

And that’s it for our thoughts on the trophy hunting process for Sable. You are completely free to run from trophy to trophy but that would miss the point of the whole game. Plus, even if you optimize your routes. The game has a way of slowing things down for you to take in the sights.

Also, check out this trailer from developer RAW FURY where they showcase what to expect from Sable on the PS5.

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